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The Timeless LIGHT!

Passed from generation to generation. As the touch carriers, we will come, run and pass the touch… I present to you the way and resources… from an open-mind Muslim – Q.Latyfah.

TTL is an avenue to encourage young Muslims to find creative ways to balance between Islamic and social matters. We aim to continuously finding and sharing common issues, useful information and holding interactive session occasionally.

Get ready for a tour on our thoughts, useful resources, articles, pictures and videos on any topic, and from source around the world. Our posts are aimed at encouraging the Muslim youth and benefit the ummah (community).

You can Read more about us, look into our archive 2009 , 2010, see the latest posts, or send in your views, comments and contributions to thetimelesslight@gmail.com

You can also join in on our fanpage on Facebook to get regular inspirational quotes, reminders and other useful tips. As well as subscribe to our blog to be notified on new update via email (see the top right corner of this page).

Our Series

All issues concerning relationship; from dating to wedding to pre, during and post marriage.
This series is aimed at encouraging youth to look and feel good in modesty clothing -for both sexes.
The Home Front How-To’s
This are topics that deals with running a muslim home and how to deal with related challenges such as – Family Matters, parenting,etc Step by step help on what we should be doing as Muslims and the right way they should be done. Also Convert/Revert to Islam and way of life articles
Food and Nutrition
We take a swipe at our meals, recipes and their benefits at large. Also Natural remedy ideas.
We love technology a lot… so we share all the tools, gadgets and applications that we can find and use in our daily lives as Muslims.
This is like mini review of websites we have visited and liked. Also about sharing them to serve as resource for our readers.
We share topics on After graduation, Workplace matters, career decision, Business tips and lots more.
Its important to stay healthy; to be useful to ourselves, and the ummah at large.If its halal we will share it !
General topics, Events, Prayers/Duas, Real life stories, Ramadan Promos, and other miscellaneous topics.
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